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Specialties made in Thailand.

Free home delivery nationwide *

Fresh products made on demand.

Attention : à compter du 25 aôut, les livraisons sont suspendues pour une durée indéterminée.

Le magasin de Rawai reste ouvert durant toute cette période.

* Except the islands of Ko-samui and Ko-chang. Minimum order 750 THB

The ÉPICERIE DU SIAM was born from the association of two French people, expatriates in Thailand for a long time. Both are passionate about gastronomy, and the marriage of tasty products that can be found in the markets of Thailand with our ancestral recipes. They have decided to pool their skills to offer you a range of original and traditional specialties, without colorings, artificial flavors, or preservative additives. 

We deliver almost anywhere in Thailand for free! (from 750 THB of order), either by Kerry Express, or by the bus companies which serve the remote provinces. Our specialties travel in an isothermal box. Our expeditions take place on Mondays and Wednesdays


Conservation  : Our specialties in sterilized jars can be kept for several months in the refrigerator. Please respect the use-by date indicated on the labels, and consume them quickly after opening.  Particular attention is paid to respecting the cold chain, both during manufacture and during shipping. However, no one is immune to possible damage, especially during transport. Our quality department is at your disposal to study with you the replacement of any defective product, either by email on, or by telephone on 090 2900 710 indicating the batch number appearing on the label.

Commitment to the planet  : We select our suppliers among those who use little or no pesticides and other chemicals. When possible, we use certified organic raw materials. We have banned all chemicals such as artificial flavors and colors, flavoring or texturizing agents from all of our compositions, and of course we do not use any preservatives. Whenever possible, we use biodegradable packaging and our jars are made of recycled and recyclable glass. 

Humanitarian commitment  : the Epicerie du Siam has decided to offer 10 baht on each order placed on the site to the association ABCD POUR TOUS led by Sophie Marguery, which works to save animals in northern Thailand, and also helps the most disadvantaged mountain children. You can discover their actions here:

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